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Economics courses taught at UNM
Principles of Microeconomics
Economics 106 (Undergraduate).
Environment and Society
Economics/CRP 203 (Undergraduate). Last taught Spring 2013.
Intermediate Microeconomics
Economics 300 (Undergraduate).
Undergrad. Math Econ
Economics 407 (Undergraduate). Mathematical Methods in Economics.
Grad. Math Econ
Economics 504 (Graduate).
Teaching resources, labs, etc
Micro Theory I
Economics 501. Graduate. Last taught Fall 2012.
Himalayan Study Abroad Program
Environment and Society at the Top of the World. Last taught Summer 2009. The class highlighted the challenges of economic development. We focused on water quality issues in the Bagmati River, one of Nepal's holiest rivers.
Topics in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Econ 542: Spring 2012
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