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Current and former students with whom I have worked closely

Current Students


Heidi Pitts

  • Chair
  • Funded by Water Research Foundation


Alejandro Prera

  • Chair
  • Funded by US Forest Service


Brad Bergsbaken

  • Funded by US Forest Service


Megan Marsee

  • Water Resources student
  • Chair
  • Funding: Water Resources Foundation
  • New Mexico Environment Department, Water Quality Division


Chi-Hsin Chang

  • Co-Chair (with Janie Chermak)

Former Students

Dr. Jason Hansen, 2009

  • Committee member
  • Assistant Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Funding: Water Research Foundation

Dr. Gwendolyn Aldrich, 2008                                                   

  • Co-chair (with Janie Chermak)
  • Post-doctoral Scholar, New Mexico State University
  • Funding: New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute                       


Gwendolyn Aldrich


Dr. Nejem Raheem, 2008

  • Committee member
  • Assistant Professor, Emerson College


Dr. Michael Hand, 2007

  • Committee member
  • Funding: US Forest Service


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