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I am an applied microeconomist with a specialization in environmental economics. In addition, I do research in the area of health and public economics. My primary area of expertise is in survey design, valuation methods, and attitudinal analysis. Recent topic areas of research included invasive weeds and ranching, forest management preferences, and water.

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D. Adhikari, J. Thacher, J. Chermak, R. Berrens (2016). Linking Forest to Faucets in a Distant Municipal Area: Public Support for Forest Restoration and Water Security in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Water Economics and Policy. 2:3, pp. DOI: 10.1142/S2382624X16500193 

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Selected Reports

M. Binder, J. Chermak, J. Gilroy, K. Krause, J. Thacher. Faculty Compensation at UNM: Is the Reward System Equitable?

J. Thacher, M. Marsee, H. Pitts, J. Hansen, J. Chermak, B. Thomson. Assessing Customer Preferences and Willingness to Pay: A Handbook for Water Utilities. Water Research Foundation. Denver, CO. 2011.






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